All dishes can be made vegetarian with more vegetables or tofu!


1. Tom yam 60 DKK
Clear soup with chili, coriander, lemongrass, lime leafs, ginger, galingale, onion, spring onion, tomatoes, mushroom and chicken or tiger prawns.

2. Tom khan 60 DKK
Delicious white soup with coconut milk, coriander, lemongrass, galingale, lime leafs, tomatoes, onion, spring onion, mushroom, ginger and chicken or tiger prawns.


3. Poh dia tod 45 DKK
6 veggie spring rolls or 3 with pork and sweet-and-sour sauce.

3a. Springrolls 59 DKK
4 big spring rolls with beef and vegetables with sweet-and-sour sauce and soya.

4. Satay 55 DKK
4 chicken spears marinated in coconut milk and yellow curry with peanut sauce.

4a. Tod man pla 55 DKK
4 thai fish cakes made with red curry, spices, and lime leafs. With sweet-and-sour sauce.

5. Gai tod 55 DKK
Chicken wings marinated in oyster sauce and thai spices. With coriander, dried garlic and sweet-and-sour sauce.

6. Goong tod 55 DKK
4 baked king prawns with sweet-and-sour sauce.


Thai box 85 DKK
Fried rice or noodles with vegetables and eggs, 2 king prawns, 2 veggie spring rolls, 1 satay spear with sweet-and-sour sauce and soya.

Veggie box 85 DKK
Fried rice or noodles with vegetables and eggs, 6 veggie spring rolls with sweet-and-sour sauce and soya.


7. Phat thai 85 DKK
Fried rice noodles with eggs, tiger prawns, spring onion, onion, bean sprouts, pointed cabbage, peanuts and carrot.

8. Phat se ew 85 DKK
Fried rice noodles with chicken or beef, eggs, pepper, carrot, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, leek and Chinese cabbage.

9. Khao phat 85 DKK
Fried rice with chicken or beef, eggs, onion, pepper, carrot, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, mixed peas and corn.

10. Khao phat talae 90 DKK
Fried rice with seafood, eggs, onion, pepper, carrot, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, mixes peas and corn.

11. Yam 85 DKK
Thai salad with chicken, beef or tiger prawns, tomatoes, red onion, coriander, cucumber, glass noodles, bean sprouts, carrot, papaya, cashew nuts, lime and chili.

11a. Som tam 80 DKK
Spicy salad with papaya, tomatoes, fish sauce, lime, chili, peanuts and green beans.


12. Phat pak 95 DKK
Grilled chicken or beef in soya with pepper, carrot, bean sprouts, onion, leek, broccoli and cauliflower.

13. Phat nam man hoi 95 DKK
Grilled chicken or beef in oyster sauce with pepper, carrot, bean sprouts, onion, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and mushroom.

14. Phat priew wan 95 DKK
Grilled chicken or beef in sweet-and-sour sauce with pineapple, coriander, pepper, carrot, onion, cucumber, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.
Prawns or duck 102 DKK.

15. Pla priew wan 102 DKK
Salmon in sweet-and-sour sauce with pineapple, coriander, onion, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, pepper and tomatoes.

16. Phat gai met himapham 95 DKK
Grilled chicken with dried chili, cashew nuts, onion, pepper, carrot, cauliflower and leek.

17. Krathiem prik tai 95 DKK
Grilled chicken, beef or pork in garlic, honey, pepper, green beans, peppers, onion, coriander, spring onion and dried garlic.

18. Panang 95 DKK
Chicken or beef in panang curry with basil, coconut milk, lime leafs, green beans, thai eggplant, pepper, bamboo and baby corn.

19. Kaeng khiew wan 95 DKK
Chicken or beef in green curry, coconut milk, basil, green beans, thai eggplant, pepper, bamboo and baby corn.

20. Kaeng ka-ri 95 DKK
Chicken in yellow curry, coconut milk, potatoes, corn, peas, carrot, onion, cauliflower and cashew nuts.

21. Kaeng pet 95 DKK
Chicken or beef in red curry with coconut milk, lime leafs, basil, pepper, pineapple, baby corn, bamboo, thai eggplant and green beans.
With prawns 102 DKK.

22. Kaeng pet bet 102 DKK
Duck in red curry, coconut milk, lime leafs, basil, pineapple, baby corn, bamboo, green beans, thai eggplant and pepper.

23. Bet phat prick khing 102 DKK
Grilled duck in red curry, oyster sauce, pepper, ginger, Chinese mushrooms, mushroom, onion, spring onion and green beans.

24. Phat ga pau plamuck 102 DKK
Squid grilled in oyster sauce with chili and basil, green beans, pepper, spring onion and onion.

25. Pia kaeng dang 102 DKK
Salmon in red curry, coconut milk, basil, thai eggplant, green beans, baby corn, bamboo, pineapple and pepper.

26. Pad prik pao 95 DKK
Grilled chicken or beef in chili-paste, oyster sauce, green beans, pepper, spring onion, chili, onion, baby corn.
With seafood 102 DKK.

27. Pad prik gang 95 DKK
Grilled chicken or beef in red curry, coconut milk, pepper, oyster sauce, bamboo, onion, spring onion, peppers, lime leafs and bamboo.

28. Massaman 95 DKK
Chicken or beef in massaman curry, coconut milk, potatoes, onion, cashew nuts and carrot.

29. Phat ga pau 95 DKK
Grilled chicken, beef or pork in oyster sauce with chili, basil, green beans, pepper, onion and spring onion.

30. Larb 95 DKK
Pork, beef or chicken with mint, spring rolls, chili, red onions, coriander and lime.

31. Svinekød i østersovs 95 DKK
Grilled pork in oyster sauce with bean sprouts, onion, tomatoes, soya, pepper, spring onion and peppers.

32. Pat prik 95 DKK
Grilled chicken or beef in red curry with bamboo, onion, spring rolls and pepper.

33. Kai jiew 95 DKK
Egg omelet with chicken or pork. Seasoned with pepper, oyster sauce, dried gralic, coriander, chopped onion, carrot and peppers.

34. Pad woon sen 90 DKK
Fried glass noodles with egg, tiger prawns, garlic, pepper, spring onion, onion, coriander and peppers.

35. Kuey teow Tom yam 75 DKK
Chicken, beef or prawns in clear soup with chili, coriander, dried garlic, ginger, galingale, lemongrass, lime leafs, tomatoes, onion, spring onion, mushroom, peanuts, bean sprouts and noodles.

36. Chili, garlic 95 DKK
Grilled chicken or beef in garlic, chili, oyster sauce, pepper, peppers, onion, spring rolls and bamboo.


Bag 4
Bowl with chili, sweet and sour sauce or soy sauce 5
Cashews 10
Meat 25
Vegetables 20
Ris 15
Brown rice 20
Noodles 10